Monday, May 28, 2007

Moving on

I've decided to try blogging on Wordpress.

I like the categorization functionality that Wordpress has, although I'm not sure if I'll stay there. Wordpress was very slow throughout the account creation & login process. It could drive me back if that's the usual state of affairs. :-(


Rachel Gillies said...

Hi Dave, I started my blog for this course in wordpress after having only used blogger before, and although it maybe takes a small amount of (re)learning, I haven't looked back. Often, I now am frustrated with the lack of functionality in blogger when I go back to it. Perhaps we can talk again once you have gotten used to it and see if your experiences are the same. Let us know your new address. Rachel

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Rod Lucas said...

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Tara said...

Wordpress will be much easier once you get used to it, much more powerful than blogger.

let us know when your new blog is live!

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