Friday, March 30, 2007

Facilitating the learning process of kinesthetic learners in the online environment

I've been neglecting my blog over the last month as I've been spending quite a bit of time researching the experience of kinesthetic learners online.

When we assess our students using the VARK learning preferences questionairre, the class is generally heavily tilted towards the kinesthetic learning preference. If you surf around the net investigating the experience of kinesthetic learners in the online environment most people seem to be of the opinion that this environment is suited to visual and reader-writer, but not audial or kinesthetic learners. Given that we are planning to create a part-time/distance course where a considerable amount of material is delivered online, I felt the need to investigate this further.

I've now created a resource which summarises much of the current literature on WikiEducator. Please feel free to give me any feedback on this resource that you might have, or further develop it. Additionally I've created a project on WikiEducator investigating learning styles on line. Currently only my resource is listed here. If you have knowledge or resources which relate to any other learning syles, please feel free to contribute to this project.


Leigh Blackall said...

Nice one Dave.

I have edited it a bit :) just the layout - hope you like it.

Will you be doing more? When you go back to the page, make sure you have selected "watch" on the top right. That way, everytime you login to Wikieducator you will be able to check what pages have been edited.

Dave said...

Yeah looks good.

I'm not planning on doing any more on it in the near future, but we'll see. As time goes on, I may come across more material that's relevant.

That should be sufficient for the purposes of the DFLP assessment shouldn't it?

I'm already onto the watch thing - thanks.
(I think anyway)

P.S. Is there any more GUI way of editing wikis? (I'm not flash on my html)


mackiwg said...

Welcome to WikiEducator from here in Vancouver!

I've been watching the recent changes list and have noticed your contribution. Nice piece of work - we really need this kind of resource.

I've added one or two examples of templates you could consider incorporating into your resource. (Feel free to delete them if they don't fit). If you go to the help link there are a set of tutorials to help with wiki editing and our pedagogical templates.

Once again - Welcome to the WikiEducator community. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Wayne Mackintosh

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